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African Braiding in Las Vegas, Nevada

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Adja African Braiding & Salon provides traditional African  braiding services that include hair extension, hair braiding and services to customers from Las Vegas, NV and the surrounding areas.

As an African Native owned business, we work in the traditional African forms of braiding, offering beautiful patterns and natural looks, using all-natural products that won't damage the hair. With more than 15 years of experience, we can provide the look and the results you want in a fast, professional manner.

Our Services Include:
(We also provide hair)


• We Sell The Hair At Our Location!
• Micro Braids
• Natural Braids
• Pixies
• Corn Rows
• Individual Braids
• Weaving
• Box Braids
• Braid Removal
• Lace Fronts
• Hair Styling
• Hair braiding
• Kinky Twist
• Babb Braids
• Senegalise Twist
• Eyelashes
• And Many More



When you grow up in Africa, the entire community is like a family, and everyone's always doing each other's hair, whether functionally or for beauty. The older members do the hair of the younger members, and it's not rare to see groups of people all working on each other's hair. Growing up in Africa, our owner experienced this culture and advanced her skills to a professional level, thanks to her love for the art of hair braiding.





Schedule an appointment today and enjoy the difference in traditional African hair braiding techniques!