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Hair Braiding and Locks in Las Vegas, Nevada

Adja African Braiding & Salon of Las Vegas, Nevada offers Professional African hair braiding services, as well as other hair styling services, such as string and sunburst locks. Our skill in hair braiding stems from a childhood in Africa, where communities function as families, and everyone spends time working on each other's hair. We offer a variety of services to accommodate many needs. If you’re looking for a hair services coupon, we’ve got you covered there too.

African Hair Braiding

African Braiding is used in to express one's personality and involves a variety of different styles and patterns. We can provide:

• Micro Braids • Kinky Twists • Senegalese Twist • Cornrows • Tree Braids • Pixies • Individuals

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African braiding techniques are available on any length of hair and are an excellent, beautiful way to express your heritage and personality.

Natural Braids

Natural braids are braids that go to the scalp and can include anything from twist to locks. During our salon services, we use natural oils to keep hair looking healthy and to help your hair be able to grow. Our natural braiding services include:

• Natural Hair Twists • Natural Braids to the Scalp • Nubian Twist


If you desire longer hair, our various extension and sew-in techniques create a natural look. You bring the extension that you already own to do full or partial weaves or sew-ins.

Braid Removal

Removing braids can be difficult for anyone who doesn't have a good deal of experience. We offer braid removal services that avoid damaging hair or hurting the client's hair, and we're very fast. Most often, it takes about 30 minutes depending on the style, though there are a few occasions where it might take up to 2 hours. During removal, we will apply conditioner and water to make sure the hair comes out easily.

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Hair Braiding Client in Las Vegas, NV


At Adja African Braiding and Salon, we are skilled in creating a variety of lock hairstyles such as:

• Sunburst • Flat Twist • African Curl • Palms Lock • String Locks • Nubian Twists

Whether you're starting a new set of sunburst and string locks, or touching up the end of your existing hairstyle, you can rely on us to provide you with beautiful, professional results every time. Adja African Braiding & Salon is a nice and quiet environment with braiders that know what they’re doing and the value of the customers. Not only do we treat our customers with respect, but our hair braiding services are guarenteed to satisfy your expections.

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