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Stylish Salon Services in Las Vegas, NV

Adja African Braiding & Salon offers waxing and salon services in Las Vegas, NV. Our stylists work in the traditional African forms of braiding, offering beautiful patterns and natural looks. Our salon uses all-natural products that won't damage your hair. We also offer extensions, color, facial waxing services, haircuts, perms and other hair services. Schedule your next hair styling service today! 
*All prices are subject to change.


Basic Style: $45
Up-Do: $60

Chemical Includes Style

Relaxer Touch Up With / Trim: $70 / $25
Virgin Relaxer: $90 / $45
Partial Relaxer: $55 / $10

Permanent Color - Includes Style

All Over Color: $90 / $45 
Highlights "All Over": $80 / $35
Highlights "Crowns": $65  / $20
Color Touch Up: $70 / $25 
Partial Color: $65 / $20
Semi Permanent / Includes Styles "All Over Color" / Rinse: $65 / $20 
Color Touch / Rinse: $55/ $10

Special Occasions

Blow Dry / Pressed Natural Hair: $55 / $20
"Fancy Style" Twisty Braids: $55

Cut / Includes Style

Designer Cut: $75 / $30
Trim: $60 / $15

Extensions /Includes Style Full Sew In: $150

Partial Weave: $120
Weave per Strip Blue: $10
Quick Weave: $90

Salon Services to Provide a Beautiful Hairstyle for Your Upcoming Event

Whether you’ve got a job interview, birthday party, or any other special event coming up, we have the skills and experience necessary to ensure you look stunning. From vibrant and gorgeous highlights and all-over permanent hair coloring to “Fancy Style” braids for a special occasion, we specialize in everything. Reach out to our friendly staff to schedule braiding, hair coloring, or waxing services so that you can look and feel fantastic for whatever event you’re looking forward to.

Traditional and Unique Hair Braiding Styles

Hair braiding is a long-lasting, beautiful, and protective way to wear your hair for long periods of time. For people with natural hair, braids can help protect your hair from split ends and damage from pollution and dryness, reduce the amount of time you need to spend on your hairstyle each day, and allow you to display your personality in a unique way. Turn to our skilled professionals when you’re in need of hair braiding services in a variety of traditional and modern styles including Senegalese braids, Nubian twists, micro braids, and kinky twists. We also specialize in several lock styles including sunburst and flat twists.

Contact us to schedule an appointment or discuss your needs. We are proudly located inproudly serve Las Vegas, Nevada.